Saturday, March 24, 2012

" My Fitness Pal"

okay so today i started using " my fitness pal " i recorded everything i ate today! Like i said before i dont eat the same thing every day so having this really helps me show you guys how i eat. I workout at different times everyday so my pre-post meals are always different! I have been eating this way for 2 weeks and my 6 pack finally came out! My muscles feel fuller and veins are coming out:) This worked for me im not saying this will work for you but you can give it a shot! ill be posting what i eat once in a while! if i come up with healthy recipes ill let you guys know:) add me on my fitness pal my user name is berenices2 :)

I eat every 2.5 hours

9:30 am Meal 1 ( pre workout )
12:00pm Meal 2 ( post workout )
2:30pm Meal 3
5:00pm Meal 4
7:30pm Meal 5

10:00pm Meal 6 ( last meal )

For today i ended with this! i try to keep it under 1500 but its always different i have more calories on leg days and less on sundays when its my rest day!
Its different everyday

i dont care about my weight, i care about how i look and feel :)