Sunday, March 25, 2012

My tips for a flat strong tummy :)

From what i have seen alot of girls who are trying to loose weight eat alot of fruit, and dairy products, and do tons and tons of cardio. I got my fitness pal this weekend and every other update is about someone just finishing their cardio session. I believe that  weight training is the way to go. I dont mean those classes that have you lift light weights or squat dumbbells. I believe that  training like a bodybuilder is the best way to loose fat and build muscle ( tone up ). Girls GO HEAVY and when i say go heavy i mean go as heavy as your body lets you, learn your body and learn what works for you. Yes diet is everything but weight training does wonders to your body TRUST ME. If you want a tight strong core, a defined 6 pack then lift like a bodybuilder. Doing a bunch of crunches isnt going to do the job dont be scared of lifting weights ditch the cardio most of the time and start lifting, muscle burns more calories / fat :) Girls you will not look like a man!!!

Food's i avoid

Junk food duh:)
Most fruit
yogurt ( yes greek yogurt too )
soda ect....

I know alot of you eat greek yogurt and alot of fruit during the day but i noticed it makes me bloated.
Yes i do have fruit but never do i have a plate full of it, i have a small serving every other day.

Fruits I always eat

Grape fruit

Another thing that i hear alot is that protein shakes make girls fat. I noticed that it made my stomach alot tighter and i never get bloated. I have my protein shakes with plain water sometimes, i have it as a cheat meal with fruit and milk but i barely do that because it makes me bloated.

My favorite core/ab workouts

planks / side planks  ( i love them )
ball crunches
cable pull in's ( for lower abs )
oblique kicks
Wood shops

Last tip :) DRINK TONS OF WATER (1 gallon) and drink green tea after every big meal ^_^  ( 3-4 cups)


  1. u look FAB! i am jtrigg2 on instagram haha. ive been a gym rat for years but after starting some more heavy lifting lately ive noticed HUGE changes. im 6 feet tall, 34-bust, 27 waist, 37-glutes. Im finding it hard to cut down my waist size, any advice?

  2. hey the only thing that works for me is diet and planks